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Knipnäs offers a wide range of happenings and activities. Familiarize yourself with upcoming events in our calendar.


Knipnäs offers versatile accommodation options.


Knipnäs is an excellent place to organize courses.

Dining Hall

On the first floor, Knipnäs has a spacious dining hall with room for over a hundred people. Kitchen spaces can be rented for private or business use.


Knipnäs is a large building with many spaces that can accomodate both larger and smaller exhibitions.


The main Knipnäs building was built as a hospital in 1935 and has had a diverse history during its nearly hundred years.

Spaces to let

Knipnäs has spaces of various sizes to let.

Sevices and tenants

Various tenants offer their services at Knipnäs, get to know them and contact them directly!

We wish you a warm welcome to enjoy life at the Knipnäs Center for Wellbeing in Ekenäs!

Knipnäs Wellness Center welcomes you to relax and enjoy the tranquility by the sea just a mile away from the center of Ekenäs.

Courses, gatherings, seminars and other events can be arranged at Knipnäs with food and accommodation services. The spaces are well suited for day courses and seminars for over a hundred participants. For courses, Knipnäs also offers accommodation for 50 people. We offer excellent opportunities for versatile gatherings and in cooperation with local entrepreneurs. It is possible to organize a versatile program with e.g. outdoor, creative and well-being activities and guided tours in the area. Knipnäs also has excellent opportunities to offer various meal arrangements.

We offer help in arranging tailor-made service packages and courses. Please contact us and ask for a quote!

In the Raseborg area you will find a lot to see and experience. Ekenäs’ charming old town with its old wooden houses stretching along the seashore. Ekenäs is an idyllic small town which shops, cafés and restaurants offer service with a personal touch. The best areas for shopping are along Gustav Wasas street, the town square and the Kungsgatan walking street, one of the country’s oldest walking streets. In summer Stallören’s park area and on the terraces of the guest marina are full of life, where people vacation and enjoy the evening sun in the beautiful archipelago environment. Read more about the local services on the Visit Raseborg website.

Coming events at Knipnäs

Courses Hyvän Olon Keskus

Tantramatka 4 : Ykseys ja Supertietoisuus

Tantramatka 4: Ykseys ja Supertietoisuus 3-5.11.2023   Tervetuloa herkulliselle tantriselle tutkimusmatkalle 7 chakran syvimpään olemukseen. Tantramatkalla avaudut elinvoimalle ja nautinnolle

Evenemang Events

Olo-Sointu Peter Hess® äänimaljarentoutus

Äänimaljarentoutus palaa Knipnäsiin sunnuntaina 29.10. klo 17:30 – 18:30 Olet sydämellisesti tervetullut taivaalliseen ihanaan äänimaljarentoutukseen laadukkaan ja vastuullisen Peter Hess®

Evenemang Events

Kuolemaretriitti – Löydä rohkeus elää täysillä

Oletko miettinyt joskus kuolemaa? Mitä se sinulle merkitsee? Mistä se sinussa herättää? Kuolema on läsnä joka hetki. Jokainen hengenveto on