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Tantra Training Wild Heart Transformation in English

25.5.2023 @ 08:00 17:00

Would you like to have in your life: New experiences and encounters? Touch and presence? Joy, pleasure and exploration of sexuality? Authenticity, inspiration, aliveness and growth? Music, meditation, dance and relaxation?

Do you want to live more fully and consciously? In deeper connection to yourself, your own heart, strength, and truth?

The Wild Heart Transformation tantra course is an invitation for a transformation. Allowing, accepting, surrendering. For you to be able to live more fully and be more you. Your heart is wild and free!

If you hear the calling: Heartful welcome to the Wild Heart Transformation!


Tanta is a path to experience yourself and the world in a gentle, accepting, and juicy way. It can help you to listen to yourself better and find your own inner wisdom. A deeper connection to yourself, others, and the universe. A path to accepting, loving, and appreciating yourself and others as we are.

Wild Heart Transformation (WHT) is a process that lasts for nearly a year, consisting of retreat modules and small group meetings. WHT courses have been organized since 2012. This course allows participants to dive deep into their personal process, and as the course journey is done in a group that stays the same for the whole course, it differs significantly from many typical tantra courses by creating a safe and intimate space that can deepen each time the same group meets. Spreading the course modules over a long stretch of time allows integrating the course experiences and learnings into your everyday life between the modules, which supports you to grow as a person in areas that matter to you and find ways to lasting transformation. In the course, you’ll get good practice in expressing yourself truthfully and living in the moment.

On your WHT journey, you are supported by certified facilitators, course assistants, and other course participants, which can make it a lot easier to observe and take steps forward in your inner processes.

“The committed group of people that stays the same helps one to get so much deeper. There was a new level of daring to jump in, let the vulnerability become visible, and look inside.” -Kalle

You don’t need to have earlier experience with tantra to join the course. The most important ingredients are your motivation and the courage to jump in, surrender to the unknown and surprises, and your openness and curiosity towards new experiences.

If you later are interested in working as a tantra facilitator or a tantric bodyworker, this WHT course also works as a preparatory course towards Tantric Life Coach (TLC) education. The yearly TLC courses are facilitated by Shanti Limnell, who is also the original creator of the WHT.


Some written testimonials in Finnish about the experiences of earlier WHT participants can be found at the bottom part of this page:


The schedule of the course events:

23.-26.11.23 (3 days)

25.-28.1.24 (3 days)

21.-24.3.24 (3 days)

19-26.5.24 (7 days)

The detailed timing will be published later, but we are likely starting around 5pm on the first day and ending roughly at the same time on the last day.

Between the whole group events, the participants gather in voluntary small group meetings according to their locations, or online. The course assistants often participate in or support the small group meetings.


Course location and price

The four main course modules are organized at the Knipnäs wellbeing center in Tammisaari. Venue address: Linnunlaulu 1, 10650 Raasepori, Finland

The course price is 1750€ (incl. VAT 24%)

In addition, the accommodation and food (approximately 77-80€ per day) during the course events are paid directly to the venue. For the whole 16-day course the total accommodation and food cost would thus be a bit under 1280€.

The course fee is paid before the start of the course, or can be split into multiple payments over the duration of the course. The reservation fee of 175€ (included in the course price) needs to be paid after your sign-up is approved and that reserves your place in the group. More information about the payments and other practicalities will be sent after your application has been approved.


Will you join? Fill out the application at


About the facilitators

My name is Ananda Kali.

I’m love to the depths of my being. Shadow work is my passion, which reveals the forgotten and hidden parts of the soul. Traumas, the beauty/beastness of being a human and the wisdom of our animal bodies wake up my curiosity. My studies, work and life experience have been full of meeting people in their humanness, big emotions, fear and love. I’ve got to learn the power of touch and the honesty of the body, how it acts as an anchor to the present moment in the midst of all trauma, mind games and our social reactionary models. I’ve been there to witness how an accepting atmosphere and neutral presence open space for healing and change.

Tantra has shown me the means of how to actualize in this world, how to be of best service. Those means are very simple but foundational: presence and acceptance. I want my work and being to contribute to these qualities that lead to growing consciousness to augment in you, me, us and the world.

I began my tantric path in 2014 with a couple’s course and right after I entered the two-year professional training that was the Tantic Life Coach (later to be separated to first year WHT and second TLC). Tantra became a whole day job for me and I found my company Soma Tantra soon after graduating as TLC. I’ve been facilitating WHT groups since 2018. For a year now, I’ve been into classical tantra through yoga practice.

Tantric Life Coach (2016)

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises -facilitator (2018)

Tantric Life Coach II (2020)

Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher Training at Shakta School (2022)

Antti Virolainen

I’m a tantra facilitator and an IT entrepreneur. As a Tantric Life Coach, I organize workshops, online courses, and individual coaching in the sectors of entrepreneurship and spiritual growth. Since 2016 tantra, alongside of meditation and yoga, has been an important path of spiritual growth for me, and one that has led me after my WHT and TLC years to seek further education in Finland and abroad. I feel that my gentle presence combined with my background in engineering gives me good skills in making these methods of embodiment and spiritual growth easy to approach also for people without earlier knowledge of the topics.

I’ve been facilitating WHT training since 2021 and I’m really happy to be starting with two new groups this year. WHT is a magnificent group process for supporting individual growth journeys and breakthroughs in self-compassion and self-knowledge, and I consider such facilitation as one of the best sides of my work.💗

In addition to the facilitators, there are two assistants on the course who are currently in the TLC training or recently graduated. Shanti Limnell, who is the original creator of the WHT training is also involved through support and guidance for the team.

If you hear the call, fill out the application at

If you have any questions, you can reach the course facilitators by email:

A warm welcome to the training❣️

Ananda Kali & Antti Virolainen

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