Full Moon Meditations

Full Moon Meditations at Knipnäs Hyvän olon keskus

Come and nurture your mind-body-spirit connection by breathing and aligning our hearts together in coherence and meditation.

To benefit, you don’t need to be an experienced meditator. You will be guided into a period of silence, approximately 40 minutes, the created benevolent field will hold you. We start on time, and close the door once the meditation has started, so please schedule your arrival to 18:50. The guidance will be in English and Finnish. After the meditation we will open a half-an-hour sharing space in which any language can be used.

Cost: 5 euros/person, contribution towards the rent, please bring cash. Knipnäs Hyvän olon keskus, Linnunlaulu 1, 10650 Tammisaari, 2nd floor Yoga Studio

Your guide & facilitator is Micaela Aminoff. I have some 30 years of meditation practise and during my nearly 10 years of service at the spiritual/ecological community, The Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland, I led numerous meditations and acted as Sanctuary Focaliser.

January 25.1. / Thursday

February 25.2. / Sunday (actual full moon previous day)

March 25.3. / Monday

April 23.4. / Tuesday (actual full moon next day)

May 23.5. / Thursday (Wesak)

June 21.6. / Friday (actual full moon next day, Midsummer)

  • Date : 25.03.2024
  • Time : 19:00 - 20:00 (UTC+2)

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